Looking for Swimsuits and Swim dresses for women over 40 – Where can you buy them?

I understand that when you have hit above the midpoint of 40, buying swimwear can be such a dreaded task. I am pretty much sure it is, because even after 35 it gets hard. We bear kids, we grow up and life throws us with reality. So lets take a tour on some good swimwear available, they are there trust me, and they will leave you feeling confident and young again without feeling too exposed.

Finding a swimsuit and feeling confident in it is not easily achievable, especially as you grow older, so ill be trying to select and assist you with some of the best swimsuits and swim dresses for women over 40. While we love new trends, whether exciting swimwear trends or new clothing trends,  just as much as every other  girl out there, the truth of the matter is that there are some trends that really aren’t for everyone, and the older you become, the more conscious you need to be.

Where do you buy good swimwear?

If you’re considering buying swimwear, and you don’t know where you will get flattering swimwear, that is age appropriate and still beautiful, there is plenty selection out there, that will fit your body shape and age consciousness.

I have made a selection of swimwear that is beautiful and flattering for women over 40 so you can be rest assured that you will step out to the beach or pool feeling confident this summer.

The cross strap tankini set

This  is a must have. It doesn’t make you feel too exposed, hides the right areas and still leaves you feeling very confident, stylish and young. Its available in 2 shades of blue, this ocean blue and navy blue as well. Click on the picture to shop the look!


Open back printed tankini set

Who would not want to look this beautiful. Here you are a bit more covered and never ever be going to get worried about the bottom sliding out of place and leaving you exposed, click below to see more variety.





Open back Polka dot swim dress and panty

This number is the beauty, the beautiful and the playful, i mean how cute. You will be left feeling super confident, bouncy and ready to hit the beach immediately after putting it on.

Asymmetric Hem Printed Swimwear Top and Black Pantskirt

Another hot and playful number. I mean just by looking at this picture you can just imagine yourself hitting the Caribbean right, who doesn’t want to. Here you are covered at the right places, showing off the right places with class and elegance. Go on, shop the look for yourself, click to see more variety


Spaghetti Strap Top and Black Panty Swimwear

For those that are a bit more daring and confident yet elegant, try this strap top and panty swimwear. Its a bit lacy, not too see through and its monotone black. Just make sure you accessorize it nicely to bring some colour pop too.

Don’ts for picking swimwear for women over 40

I am not going to be too critical here, but just one type that you should try and avoid is the low waist little 2 piece bikini swim suit, unless of course you are a super model #WeAreNotAllThatLucky.

This type of swimwear is for the fit and firm, and like I said, supermodels. There are a lot of great summer looks to choose from, spoil yourself, look good, enjoy your holiday.
Let me know what you think, how you look great while being age appropriate too. Be Confident and stay beautiful!