About Me

Hi friends, welcome to my page where we talk about that sweet and exciting moment of going on holiday, or going out for a weekend or a day out with the gals. Exciting right. Like me if you are a slow packer, you start packing a week in advance. Outfit and shoes, underwear and matching bra, whether its gonna be hot or cold you head to the phone to check the weather in that city. Then comes that dreadful part, packing your swimwear…..

Why i chose to help with Swimwear

I am a mother of three, yes 3 and the most times i get a slap of a reminder about that fact is when i wear swimwear. Last year i went on a weekend away with the gals, at that time i had 2 kids. And when i packed for that long weekend away, i just went to my 2 old pairs of two piece swimwear and just threw them into my luggage. A day before i actually thought wait, you did not even fit those, how do you know you will still look good in them? Relatively i had not gained any alarming weight, but my second born was 8yrs old, so the baby weight is gone at that time right? So excitedly i just tried the first set and boy i was surprised. I could fit in them, its a bit tight but gees i did not like what i saw. I was still expecting to see a very straight tummy and contoured waist, pheeeww…..it was not to be. I just took it right out and reluctantly tried on the second pair. This one was more of a full panty-type bottom, which was better fitting than the first bikini. I was so frustrated and even lost the trip excitement, was all in panic mode. After all i was going away with my high school friends who last saw me in swimwear when i was trying for our school pageant…and i know i looked the part OMG…

Looking for that Swimwear to cover the Not So Perfect parts……..

Im sure you can imagine that i was at that point looking to create an excuse to skip the trip. Hubby doesnt want me to go anymore,my child is sick, whatever the reasonable excuse i can get, a day before the trip. I couldn’t be that gal, but honestly i dont want to go anymore, i dont look perfect for the pictures. So i rushed for my laptop and hopped on to clothing store’s websites to check their catalogue of latest shaping swimwear. I could see nothing much different from what i have, which really doesnt solve my problems. I did some online searches for swimwear, and mostly you get perfect looking models with perfect bodies that i dont have…anymore! 

I hopped into the car and headed straight to the biggest Johannesburg mall, Sandton. I might find something there because its big,has a variety of more stores, including international brands but i know i must be prepared to spend way more than i can ever imagine, to find something to work with.

Finding the RIGHT swimwear for your imPERFECT self

Fast forward to when i decided to start this blog. I am a mother of three now, my last and youngest son is 4 months old. I went out for the first time ever with a couple of friends to a full day Spa treatment last weekend, and there was i again, confronted with a Jacuzzi session where i had to show my newly acquired imPERFECTions.

And i thought its about time i help myself and other women to find swimwear that will fit their body types and shape, nip and tuck where it can and give us the confidence to enjoy life again and embrace every step of growing up without feeling insecure.After all we are creators of life, and whether we like it or not that process will chip out some bits out of us, but it doesnt have to stop you from loosing the sarong and enjoy the splash. Happy shopping!!!

Best MissBee

Mother of 3 angels and founder of Top Shaping Swimwear.com