Looking for Swimsuits and Swim dresses for women over 40 – Where can you buy them?

I understand that when you have hit above the midpoint of 40, buying swimwear can be such a dreaded task. I am pretty much sure it is, because even after 35 it gets hard. We bear kids, we grow up and life throws us with reality. So lets take a tour on some good swimwear available, they are there trust me, and they will leave you feeling confident and young again without feeling too exposed.

Finding a swimsuit and feeling confident in it is not easily achievable, especially as you grow older, so ill be trying to select and assist you with some of the best swimsuits and swim dresses for women over 40. While we love new trends, whether exciting swimwear trends or new clothing trends,  just as much as every other  girl out there, the truth of the matter is that there are some trends that really aren’t for everyone, and the older you become, the more conscious you need to be.

Where do you buy good swimwear?

If you’re considering buying swimwear, and you don’t know where you will get flattering swimwear, that is age appropriate and still beautiful, there is plenty selection out there, that will fit your body shape and age consciousness.

I have made a selection of swimwear that is beautiful and flattering for women over 40 so you can be rest assured that you will step out to the beach or pool feeling confident this summer.

The cross strap tankini set

This  is a must have. It doesn’t make you feel too exposed, hides the right areas and still leaves you feeling very confident, stylish and young. Its available in 2 shades of blue, this ocean blue and navy blue as well. Click on the picture to shop the look!


Open back printed tankini set

Who would not want to look this beautiful. Here you are a bit more covered and never ever be going to get worried about the bottom sliding out of place and leaving you exposed, click below to see more variety.





Open back Polka dot swim dress and panty

This number is the beauty, the beautiful and the playful, i mean how cute. You will be left feeling super confident, bouncy and ready to hit the beach immediately after putting it on.

Asymmetric Hem Printed Swimwear Top and Black Pantskirt

Another hot and playful number. I mean just by looking at this picture you can just imagine yourself hitting the Caribbean right, who doesn’t want to. Here you are covered at the right places, showing off the right places with class and elegance. Go on, shop the look for yourself, click to see more variety


Spaghetti Strap Top and Black Panty Swimwear

For those that are a bit more daring and confident yet elegant, try this strap top and panty swimwear. Its a bit lacy, not too see through and its monotone black. Just make sure you accessorize it nicely to bring some colour pop too.

Don’ts for picking swimwear for women over 40

I am not going to be too critical here, but just one type that you should try and avoid is the low waist little 2 piece bikini swim suit, unless of course you are a super model #WeAreNotAllThatLucky.

This type of swimwear is for the fit and firm, and like I said, supermodels. There are a lot of great summer looks to choose from, spoil yourself, look good, enjoy your holiday.
Let me know what you think, how you look great while being age appropriate too. Be Confident and stay beautiful!

Affordable weekend getaways in and around Gauteng

When the schools close, or just when you are run down, your body screams REST, PAUSE, TIMEOUT or Recharge. Yes we constantly need that but with the current economic climate you sometimes fell like affordable weekend getaways are not possible. There is always that treasure nestled somewhere you don’t usually pass, at affordable rates, very comfortable with good reviews, that’s what we all look for right? And with all these requirements, you tend to think it’s going to be very expensive to even attempt? Well below are a number of affordable getaways, at less than R1000.00 a night that i have compiled for you in and around Gauteng. Whether you are looking for an affordable couples retreat, affordable girls weekend getaways or affordable weekend getaways near you, you are sure to find something within your budget.

Just dont forget to pack the right swimwear. I mean just look at this Star Print Lace Up One Piece Swimwear from RoseWe, heavenly! And they ship to South Africa, most countries in Africa for that matter. Click here to check how quick you can get it

The Residency Sandhurst

This one is for the suburban or city lover. If your idea of down and relaxation time is shopping, clubbing and city lights, this one will have you marvel at every detail. Located in Sutherland Avenue, Sandton Johannesburg, you will get all the luxury you need, upmarket area, safety and closest to all exciting amenities. You get FREE WiFi in all rooms, Airconditioning, daily house keeping and laundry services from friendly staff, oh and parking is FREE. So with Sandton City 2km away, you can take a walk to your favourite restaurant or club in Sandton without worrying, shop till you drop in Sandton City or Mandela Square then walk or uber back with a smile on your face. This establishment has been ranked 9/10 on value for money.

Just make sure you dont leave this Cutout Front Spaghetti Strap One Piece Swimwear from RoseWe to complete your money look, i mean this will complement that tall and  colourful cocktail glass on your hand right. Click here to check how quick it can be shipped to you, it normally takes 3-5 business days.

Enigma Hotel Apartments

The city lover, business traveler or just down time in the city where you will be central to a lot of amenities, this is for you. Located in Middle road, Sandton and newly built in 2018, everything is a stone throw from you. Virgin Active Gym Sandton is 350m away, Village Walk Shopping Centre is 1,7km and Sandton City is 2km away. The establishment offers FREE WiFi in all rooms, Airconditioning, a Hot Tub, and daily house keeping from friendly staff. If you are a night eater, or night walker, this one is for you. You won’t have to be forced to eat fries from the bar, not that it’s any bad, but should you prefer to walk to nearby places, you will be centrally located. This establishment has been ranked 8.2/10 on value for money.

Airport Inn and Suits

Situated at No 6 Electron Avenue, Isando, Greater OR Tambo. Here you will have spacious rooms and all amenities offered at OR Tambo International within walking distance. If you are in transit to somewhere, well you can’t do better than this. Be sure though to book on time because this one is in high demand all the time, all seasons. The establishment offers FREE parking, FREE WiFi in all rooms, Airport transfers, a Bar and a Garden to relax outside and sip whatever makes you happy. If Casino life is your idea of fun, Emperor’s palace is 1.3km away. This establishment has been ranked 8.3 /10 on value for money

Lokuthula Country Lodge

This one is for the nature lover, and if you are looking for a complete time out nestled in the Magalies Mountains. This establishment offers tranquility, a breath of fresh air away from the city. Lokuthula Country Lodge offers a garden and braai/ barbecue facilities, a swimming pool, including a children’s playground. The property offers free parking as well. If you are looking for a weekend getaway with kids, or your girls, this is the place to consider, to relax and recharge.

Lake Motel Hartebeespoort

Another one for the nature and country lover. Situated in the village of Schoemansville at Hartbeespoort Dam, Lake Motel is built in a Dutch style establishment. Each room is en suite and equipped with a refreshment station. All the rooms have access to FREE WiFi and pets are allowed too, yay. There is a restaurant adjacent to the hotel, a Bar, and room service can be arranged. You can sit outside and enjoy tranquil mountain views to relax your mind. The Snake and Animal Park is across the road from the Lake Motel and the Aerial Cableway Hartbeespoort is within few minutes drive.

On a budget, need a getaway?

Affordable weekend getaways are possible. Whether you are looking for the city buzz, shopping with your girls or a complete down time in the safe spaces of nature, with a breath of fresh air and tranquil mountain views with birds chirping, you can be able to do it within a reasonable budget. Affordable romantic getaways or girls away trips should not break the bank, it’s all very possible if you give yourself time to look thoroughly. Go on, spoil yourself, you work too hard, CIAO!

Swimwear Accessories- What is trending

The girls are planning their next vacays and the boys are taking out the braai stands, its the season of sipping Cocktails by the poolside, after-work sundowners and weekends at the beach with  friends and family. It’s time to dig out your swimsuit from the corners or under the beds, who knows, or out of your drawers and bring it closer to you….Get the passports ready too, you might never know where this summer can take you.

Maybe you need new bikinis or swimsuits, that’s good. But make sure you buy the correct one for your body shape this time, check my post below on Slimming Swimwear for Women – How to Identify It.  When you decide which one to wear, old or new for this summer, be sure to add slick accessories, we guarantee it will set you apart from the rest.

From glitzy and blingy accessories to seashell and wooden jewelry , from the straw hats, the Fedora or the bucket hats and bold and colourful sunglasses, check out the latest pieces that will take your poolside outfit to a WINNER with these swimwear accessories.

Straw Hats

Straw hats are the classic go to, you can never go wrong. From the wide brim,to the normal sized brim, its every girl’s must have. The Cream white, Pure white, Lime green with brown trimmings or bright reds and yellows if you are that brave, go on spoil yourself with one. Check the wide variety at LightIntheBox

Seashell Jewelry

Seashell jewelry is the latest trend in Swimwear accessories. From anklets, neck pieces and drop earrings, you are sure to look your best and stand out. Check the latest variety from RoseWe. Check out this beautiful ring set that will instantly give your swimwear a boost from good to sheek!

The Bold and Oversized glasses

You can never go wrong here. With oversized sunglasses, be experimental. Play around with shapes and sizes. And if you opted for a dark monotone swimwear due you body shape, go wild with your glasses, make a statement with your face. Like shoes, a pair for every swimsuit you have makes you the ish, i mean as girls we have a pair of shoes for every outfit right….

The Bling …..Body Wrap Swimwear jewelry

This one is always the winner for all body shapes. Because it drops down your belly, it will definitely create a much needed distraction if you are trying to cover the tummy or create an hour glass illusion. There is a variety of body wrapping and very beautiful, trendy jewelry and accessories out there, check more here.

They have a variety of wholesale swimwear accessories, anklets, colourful breast pads/ chest enhancers to give your swimsuit a lift, waist jewelry, including kiddies swimsuits as well. Dont forget most items have a free shipping coupon when you buy at a certain amount, be sure not to miss that out.

Shop around and upnotch your swimwear

When it comes to swimwear accessories, the more you give yourself time to shop around, you will definitely find what works for your body shape. There is a lot of creative and trending swimwear out there, go crazy, glitz and glam yourself up, you can never be too much.

Just make sure you dont wear very contrasting material jewelry at the same time, it tends to look more cluttered. Tell us more of how you are accessorizing your beach wear, leave a comment, lets help each other ladies. Stay beautiful!

About Me

Hi friends, welcome to my page where we talk about that sweet and exciting moment of going on holiday, or going out for a weekend or a day out with the gals. Exciting right. Like me if you are a slow packer, you start packing a week in advance. Outfit and shoes, underwear and matching bra, whether its gonna be hot or cold you head to the phone to check the weather in that city. Then comes that dreadful part, packing your swimwear…..

Why i chose to help with Swimwear

I am a mother of three, yes 3 and the most times i get a slap of a reminder about that fact is when i wear swimwear. Last year i went on a weekend away with the gals, at that time i had 2 kids. And when i packed for that long weekend away, i just went to my 2 old pairs of two piece swimwear and just threw them into my luggage. A day before i actually thought wait, you did not even fit those, how do you know you will still look good in them? Relatively i had not gained any alarming weight, but my second born was 8yrs old, so the baby weight is gone at that time right? So excitedly i just tried the first set and boy i was surprised. I could fit in them, its a bit tight but gees i did not like what i saw. I was still expecting to see a very straight tummy and contoured waist, pheeeww…..it was not to be. I just took it right out and reluctantly tried on the second pair. This one was more of a full panty-type bottom, which was better fitting than the first bikini. I was so frustrated and even lost the trip excitement, was all in panic mode. After all i was going away with my high school friends who last saw me in swimwear when i was trying for our school pageant…and i know i looked the part OMG…

Looking for that Swimwear to cover the Not So Perfect parts……..

Im sure you can imagine that i was at that point looking to create an excuse to skip the trip. Hubby doesnt want me to go anymore,my child is sick, whatever the reasonable excuse i can get, a day before the trip. I couldn’t be that gal, but honestly i dont want to go anymore, i dont look perfect for the pictures. So i rushed for my laptop and hopped on to clothing store’s websites to check their catalogue of latest shaping swimwear. I could see nothing much different from what i have, which really doesnt solve my problems. I did some online searches for swimwear, and mostly you get perfect looking models with perfect bodies that i dont have…anymore! 

I hopped into the car and headed straight to the biggest Johannesburg mall, Sandton. I might find something there because its big,has a variety of more stores, including international brands but i know i must be prepared to spend way more than i can ever imagine, to find something to work with.

Finding the RIGHT swimwear for your imPERFECT self

Fast forward to when i decided to start this blog. I am a mother of three now, my last and youngest son is 4 months old. I went out for the first time ever with a couple of friends to a full day Spa treatment last weekend, and there was i again, confronted with a Jacuzzi session where i had to show my newly acquired imPERFECTions.

And i thought its about time i help myself and other women to find swimwear that will fit their body types and shape, nip and tuck where it can and give us the confidence to enjoy life again and embrace every step of growing up without feeling insecure.After all we are creators of life, and whether we like it or not that process will chip out some bits out of us, but it doesnt have to stop you from loosing the sarong and enjoy the splash. Happy shopping!!!

Best MissBee

Mother of 3 angels and founder of Top Shaping Swimwear.com


The Sarong….Our go to comfort!

Feel free to wear that swimwear without having to wear a Sarong to cover up. There is Swimwear for all shapes and sizes to enjoy the splash or to keep chasing the summer across the world. Whether you want to concentrate on shaping the tummy, or you want to accentuate those olympic legs or hide them, pheeew.

Every girl, read woman(laughs), has those good and bad parts. But there is always a way around your unique situation. You just have to know how to dress up and shape up those contours.

Be sure to check out the latest shaping Swimwear and Lingerie that will leave you feeling confident to go out in the sun, and soak in the water. There is a swimsuit for each body type. Just know yourself and find that perfect one for you, then you will feel free to loose the sarong.