Slimming swimwear for women – How to identify it

So like me ,i have never came across a woman who doesnt get stressed by the idea of buying the correct swimwear for their body. Maybe never is exaggerating but most women struggle to find and know exactly what works for them, ofcourse besides those lucky ones who have the money to buy a perfectly good body from the surgeon…Clears throat!

Its all about shaping swimwear, body enhancing swimwear or tummy shaping swimwear. We all have those problematic areas that we like to hide, and the areas we want to accentuate.

Below is the breakdown of how to look for the right shaping swimwear for you, not what you saw looking great on that friend or model. Know your shape, just be honest like the grown girl you are, then you will be a step closer to picking or hunting for the correct shaping swimwear for you. After all when you are honest, and have accepted who or how you are, you will live a much fulfilled life generally.

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Rectangle Body shape…..Model straight type

With your body we want to create the impression of an hour glass. We will use the shape of the swimsuit or the patterns, or both. One piece suit with cut outs on the waist sides works best for you. If you can find the one with thin belt like straps on the sides, even better. The neck line shoud be round, V-neck or plunging neck line, there isnt much fuss there.

If it has patterns, opt for vertical lines, running down and also curving in on the waist to bring that illusive waist to life. You will have great shape in no time when you manage to find this type of swimsuit.

The Apple Body Shape – Wide waist, generally the widest area on the body

Best bet for you is the high waist 2 piece bikini swim suit, try the dark colours as well.

Get the bottom that goes up to your belly botton or above, with a band on top. For great tummy support, make sure the band is not too tight though, because it might create a ridge and slice in, which we dont want. We just want it to be tighter, preferably thicker, the size of two belts, to add more illusion of shape.

For your bottom, try the one with draping as well, tying or buckling to the side. If you struggle to find one with draping, a normal doek with a matching or complementary colour, tied to the side also works well for shaping the tummy.

The Hour glass body – Wide bust, wide hips

For you, mostly considered lucky, a 2 piece swim suit works well. Sounds a bit crazy but it works great to accentuate your feminine body. Sports type swim wear works well. The Sports bra type, with great back support to lift and keep the bust in tact.

The bottom, choose the french cut sporty type instead of the triangle bikini bottom. It normally stays in place, giving you a chance to swim and play wthout worring about anything making a peek-a-boo, right! Because you are wider on the top and bottom, try and avoid horizontal stripes, look for any other prints. And luckily for you, most colours will work, no worries there.

The Inverted Triangle – Bust is wider than the hips

We prefer the 2 piece swimsuit for you as well – but the top should not be the traditional bra type. Try choosing the one with strings that you tie behind your neck. The secret trick here is to cross the strings first in front, i.e left string to your right and right string to your left then tie them at the back. This way attention is drawn to the heart shape created by the criss cross, and away from your shoulders.

The bottom, try the traditional bikini with side ties. It creates some sort of a straight line from your soulders and balances out the bust and hips.

The Pear Shape – I call it Problematic pear shape, nothing fits well. Big hips(and bum), small bust

Its problematic because i have first hand experience, thats me. Swimsuits, jeans, formal pants, track pants, nothing ever fits well. Nonetheless we are talking swimwear now.

First trick is the 2 piece with 2 different sizes of top and bottom, you can do that. I know for sure that you are one size smaller on top.

Because the hips are there, try to attract attention to the top. Best way is to find a plain bottom, full panty type, dark monotone colour, and a dramatic top. Find a printed top with fringes or ruffles, hell even a padded top to bring all the attention to your top area. A popping coulour top will work wonders, believe me.

Balance out, shape your body correctly, and work with what you have. Enhance, shape and support

Overall, especially for the unbalanced top and bottom body types, put some drama where you want to attract attention. Like on the top for the pear shape and on the bottom for the inverted triangle.

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10 thoughts on “Slimming swimwear for women – How to identify it”

  1. I live on an island and I love going to the beach. I sometimes get self-conscious about wearing swimsuits. I have an hour-glass shape but I can’t wear 2 piece suits because of my stretchmarks. So, finding a flattering swimsuit is such a task. This post will help alleviate some frustration when looking for my next swimsuit.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey now island lady! How i wish i lived next to the beach like you. I am glad that the article will assist you though. Just conceal some of those stretchmarks with some good make up and flaunt that hour glass body. Enjoy

  2. This is a useful article on choosing the right swimwear. And I like the way how you have broken down the types of swimsuits.

    Of course, I would also encourage swimming suits that do not expose crossing the borderlines in women.
    The best part of a swimming suit is the one that exactly suits the wearer covering what’s not to be shown.
    I was clicking your Grey and Rose Open Back Tankini but it didn’t work. What’s wrong?
    Other than that, you have done a good review.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Exciting to hear from a guy. Ofcourse we dont want to expose much, we need just enough decency and beauty exposed. As for the tankini, when I click it it opens the link fine, I hope someone else would let me know what their experience is.

  3. Hello dear!
    Lately, I am all about shapewear and buying the right swimwear for my body type is important for my self-confidence. I’d say I’m closer to the pear-shaped body type, and I totally understand your struggle. Bying something that will attract the eyes on top and adding plain bottom seems like a great tip. I will definitely do so next time I’ll be shopping for a swimsuit.

    1. Hi Kate, im glad you sort of understand, its rough this side. Try that combination of plain bottom, drama on top you will love it. Thanks for stopping by, happy shopping.

  4. What a great article, now I have an idea what type of swimming costume to look out for when I go shopping. My dad bought me a costume when I was young obviously he didn’t know anything about bodytype, let’s just say I did not put it on much because I am wide around the hips and I think that was for skinny ladies so it just didn’t go with my body type. Thanks for the sites as well.

    1. Hi Michelle, you have a great dad, just wear that swimsuit one more time(with your jeans as a body suit type top), and make daddy happy. But now that you are older and wiser now, happy shopping for a great swimsuit for the curvy gal you are, there are lots of beautiful fits out there. Thanks for stopping by, happy shopping.

  5. I love what you shared here! For women, I think that even thinking about getting in a swimsuit gives them anxiety! Especially for those who have had children! I love that instead of being anxious or scared to find a swimsuit, we just need to find the right one for our body!

    It’s amazing how much confidence a simple outfit can give a woman…and the same can be said for a swimsuit! If you find the right one for your body, you will be so much more confident!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes Abby, that is just the trick. Know your body, love it and dress it accordingly. Thanks for stopping by, happy shopping.

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